LED Silicone Neon Flex


● Side bending and Top lighting

● Enhanced SMT LED inside
● 3-color silicone extrusion
● UV and yellowish resistant

● IP65 and salt-mist proof

● L70B50>25,000hrs

● Easy installation and re-connect accessories

● Bending angle : nearly 360°


● Neon tube light source

● General and cove lighting 


● 6mm end cap plastic sheet

● 8mm end cap plastic sheet

● 6mm waterproof end cap

● 8mm waterproof end cap


● The LED Neon itself and all its components may not be mechanical stressed

● Please ensure that the power supply is adequate power to operate the total load.

Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations

● The design of the housing should be according to the IP standards in the application. Recommend using indoor.

● If surge protection structure not within power supply, a lightening protector should be needed additionally

● Before cutting and making reconnection, please read the user manual, and please ensure you have read and fully understood it.

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